Popular Education

Our Economics for Everyone Workshops document inequality and offer members of our partner organizations the opportunity to collectively and democratically develop political analysis. Using popular education methodology, we facilitate trainings for movement leaders and give them tools to illustrate and explain this economic analysis in accessible and relevant ways.

Responsible Wealth

Our Responsible Wealth Project encourages progressives in the top 5% of income or assets to ally themselves with others who are working to build a just, humane, and equitable society. Members use their unique and unexpected voices to advance a broad progressive agenda at statewide and national levels through media, legislative and fundraising campaigns. Building bridges with unexpected allies makes our movement for economic justice all the more powerful.

Inclusive Economies

We organize and convene groups at the state-level to work on policy change and unite around common issues. Our state-based Inclusive Economy Network brings together grassroots groups, business leaders, faith communities, unions, and think-tanks in a coordinated effort to influence local policy toward equity. We build networks in battleground states and states of promise. This collaborative effort provides capacity building, messaging and communications support, research, policy ideas, and trainings with organizers working toward economic justice and a progressive tax code.


184 High St., Suite 603
Boston, MA 02110
(617) 423-2148


711 Mason Road
Durham, NC 27712

We gather as guests on Indigenous land

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