Reports and Publications

  • State of the Dream 2020

    All people deserve the kind of economic security wealth provides, but numerous practices and policies have worked to limit the accumulation of wealth for women, and particularly women of color. Considering the historical barriers that block building wealth, individual actions... Read more ›
  • State of the Dream 2019: The Perfect Storm

    When natural disasters strike, weather systems and unjust economic systems compound to cause devastation for people of color, in particular, while generating economic opportunity for the wealthy few. State of the Dream 2019: The Perfect Storm explores how race and... Read more ›
  • State of the Dream 2017: Mourning in America

    In 1984, the re-election campaign of Ronald Reagan released an ad with the opening line, “It's morning again in America.” While this ad embodied a momentary sense of optimism, forty years of neoliberal policies have failed working people. This year, with... Read more ›

Training Guides / Charts & Slides

  • Coming Soon: Racism in the Mind, Skin, and the Action

      Strong relationships between organized Black and Latinx workers are essential to successfully build worker power and to fight for legislation to raise the minimum wage and other changes. This workshop was developed in response to partner requests to provide... Read more ›
  • Boosts and Blocks Timeline 2022 Update

    This activity gives participants an opportunity to review the impact of various laws, policies, events, and trends on the accumulation of wealth among various racial and ethnic groups in the U.S. Participants reflect on and share their own family and... Read more ›
  • War & The Economy Charts (2022 Edition)

    The team here at UFE is excited to release this timely update to our "War & the Economy" popular education workshop. This interactive 90-minute workshop explores the impact of war and militarism on the US economy, examines militarism from race,... Read more ›


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