Strategic Framework

United for a Fair Economy's new strategic plan was approved by our board in June of 2020.

What is the Strategic Plan?

The Strategic Plan lays the foundation for UFE to support our movements to advocate for intersectional economic justice--that is, economic justice that fully understands that there is no economic justice without racial justice, language justice, and gender justice, among others. The plan builds on UFE’s previous strategic plan. It is designed to help us shape our priorities for years to come. We distribute it as a PDF (electronically) and in printed form to funders, donors, partners, new staff and board, volunteers, etc.

What is the Strategic Framework?

The strategic framework is a part of the larger strategic plan. It is an infographic that articulates our long-term desired impact and the conditions that must exist for this impact to be realized. The infographic also identifies the core strategies UFE will use to achieve these necessary conditions. These core strategies were chosen based on their potential to positively impact economic justice in the United States. UFE contributes to both the enabling conditions and the desired impact, while realizing we are only part of the larger, longer efforts to bring about these changes. Infographics are one of UFE’s signature communications strategies, so this example is also a model of that strategy.






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