Our Mission, Vision, & Values


United for a Fair Economy challenges the concentration of wealth and power that corrupts democracy, deepens the racial divide and tears communities apart. We use popular economics education, trainings, and creative communications to support social movements working for a resilient, sustainable and equitable economy.

Guiding Principles

We believe that a fair economy is built around:

  • Jobs with dignity and living wages, where workers have the democratic right to organize and share the wealth produced by their labor.
  • A robust public sector that works for the common good, funded through progressive taxes and accountable to the people.
  • Equal opportunity and equal justice for people who have been marginalized in our society based on gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, and social class.
  • Sustainability and equity, where individuals do not accumulate excesses of wealth to the detriment of others or the planet.  

Our Vision

United for a Fair Economy believes another world is possible.  We envision a global society which respects the humanity, rights, and creativity of all people.  

Democracy, equity, inclusion, and cooperation are fundamental values guiding economic investments in our communities, states and nations. Corporations do not have the rights of people, and the rights and wellbeing of the community take precedence over the rights of private property. Larger corporate structures are regulated in the interest of shared societal aspirations. Smaller types of business structures and worker cooperatives are given the advantage and incentive to flourish. 

Jobs with dignity and living wages, benefits and wealth-building opportunities exist for all workers, families and communities. Workers have the democratic right to organize and share the wealth produced by their labor.

Governments and public institutions work in service of the common good and are democratically held accountable at all levels. They receive adequate public investment to coordinate community and environmental planning, and achieve mandates for universal healthcare, housing, food security, education, and meaningful employment.

A sustainable and just economy is built to ensure everyone's needs are met without individuals accumulating excess wealth they can not use in their lifetimes. The resources needed by future generations are protected, planned for, and collectively shared.

The earth is seen as a finite resource which must be cared for, and shared.  We look forward to a world rooted in justice, where the transactional relationship of money and power are antiquated notions, replaced by acts of celebration, imagination, hope and joy. 





184 High St., Suite 603
Boston, MA 02110
(617) 423-2148


711 Mason Road
Durham, NC 27712

We gather as guests on Indigenous land

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