Learning God’s Economy from Muslim Friends

"Economic friendship is an invitation to begin living God's economy with the people closest to us. Because it is a tactic, no act of sharing is too small. Any of us can do it, even if all we have to offer is the truth about our debt. A tactical imagination teaches us to be faithful in small things - to know the truth both about our brokenness and about God's grace in relationship with fellow members of God's family. Nothing prevents these small acts of faithfulness from growing into bigger partnerships."

Read the full blog post by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove on Tikkun.org.

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The Truth They Dare Not Speak

"Since the Clinton administration I have repeatedly warned about the triumph of Wall Street and the defeat of Main Street, the destruction of the Middle Class and the dismemberment of the poor; acts of economic terrorism that undermine the very foundations of our democracy - for no democracy can long stand when the ratio of executive to workers pay is 344 [to] 1 (source, 15th annual [Executive Excess report] issued by United for a Fair Economy)."

Read the full article by George Mitrovich on HuffingtonPost.com.

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Building Opportunity

"There is ample evidence of the disproportionate impact of economic recession on Black and Latino communities. United for a Fair Economy (UFE) recently found that while the U.S. has been in a recession for more than a year, 'people of color have been in a recession for nearly five years and have entered a depression during the current economic crisis.' ... The foreclosure crisis has resulted in immense loss of wealth in Black and Latino communities, and it has been estimated that people of color may have lost as much as $213 billion due to subprime loans taken out between 2000 and 2008."

Read the full report (PDF) by the Research Institute on Social and Economic Policy (RISEP), the Miami Workers' Center, and the Kirwan Institute.

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Press Release: "Billionaires Against Regulating Finance" to Face Off With Protesters in Boston

BARF Banner

View the press release on CommonDreams.org.

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Nowhere To Fall: Facing the economic crisis in the U.S.

"According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2007, 37.3 million people, or 12.5 percent of the U.S. population, lived in poverty. Yet these numbers may do more to distort than clarify the presence of poverty. First, it is important to note that people of color represent a disproportionate percentage of people living in poverty. United for a Fair Economy, in their report "The Silent Depression: State of the Dream 2009," revealed that 10 percent of whites live in poverty, as compared to 24 percent of Blacks and 21 percent of Latinos."

Read this article by Katie Beran and Celine-Marie Pascale in Z Magazine.

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Why We Need Robust Consumer Financial Protection

"The NAACP is very supportive of the creation of a strong and effective Consumer Financial Protection Agency with the protection of civil rights and a directive that it seek out and work to eliminate discrimination as a core part of its mandate. [...] in the American mortgage market predatory lenders have, for decades, targeted African American borrowers and other racial and ethnic minorities as well as the elderly with their nefarious products. [...] In fact, United for a Fair Economy estimates that people of color are 2 to 5 times more likely to receive a predatory loan than white borrowers."

Read Mr. Shelton's testimony in the Huffington Post.

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Responsible Wealth Action News - October 2009

Responsible Wealth Action News - October 2009

RWAN Oct. 2009

In this issue:

• Letter to Members: Responsible Wealth Helps Break Down Walls 

• "Say on Pay" Success: Shareholders and Congress Making Progress

• Lobby Day 2009

• New Yorkers Say: "Raise Our Taxes"

• UFE Highlights

• Estate Tax Legislative Update

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September E-News

UFE News Logo

September 2009:

- Sustaining OUR Movement

- Whose Deficit is it Anyway?

- Wealth inequality Declining! But wait...

- What's in a job?

- All Work and No Pay



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Race, Ethnicity and Economic Destiny (video)

Amaad Rivera at 2008 Demos Conference 








Moderator: Heather McGhee, Demos

Panel members:

• Amaad Rivera, United for a Fair Economy (at 20:05)

• Christine Chen, Organization of Chinese Americans

• Estuardo Rodriguez, Raban Group

• Lennox Yearwood, Jr., Hip Hop Caucus

Watch the discussion on C-SPAN Video Player.

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The Recession’s Racial Divide (op-ed)

"WHAT do you get when you combine the worst economic downturn since the Depression with the first black president? A surge of white racial resentment, loosely disguised as a populist revolt. [...] According to a 2008 report by United for a Fair Economy, a research and advocacy group, from 1998 to 2006 (before the subprime crisis), blacks lost $71 billion to $93 billion in home-value wealth from subprime loans. The researchers called this family net-worth catastrophe the “greatest loss of wealth in recent history for people of color.” And the worst was yet to come."

Barbara Ehrenreich and Dedrick Muhammad of the Institute for Policy Studies cite UFE's State of the Dream 2008 in this New York Times op-ed.


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Recession hits minorites harder

"For many Americans, the recession officially began in December 2008, but recent studies show it began much earlier — and had a greater impact — for minorities. [...] 'In communities of color, this has been happening for a long time,' Huezo said. 'For these communities, it is not a recession anymore; it is a depression.'"

Includes mention of UFE's State of the Dream 2009, and commentary from co-author, Jeannette Huezo.

Read the full article on StateNews.com (Michigan State University).

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Healthcare is a Human Right (op-ed)

"Reform of our broken health care system should not be considered an option, but a responsibility we all have to meet our highest ideals as a country [...] Providing access to quality, affordable health care for all people is a means by which we can put these ideals into practice."

Read the full article by UFE's Mazher Ali in the Pocono Record.

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