Next Tuesday, let your principals guide you


Next week, on November 4thanother election day will be upon us.  While we do not believe that voting alone will bring about the change that we need to achieve economic justice, it is one step towards building a movement that is needed for radical change to occur. And let’s not be fooled—radical change is needed in this country.

From Ferguson to Seattle.

From Durham to Providence.

From Miami to Detroit.

From your community to ours...

Change is needed to reach past the powers that be and build a movement for transformative economic justice.


When you enter your polling location next Tuesday, we ask you to think about your guiding principals. We at UFE have put a lot of thought towards our guiding principals, and we wanted to share some of them with you.


We believe that a fair economy is built around:

  • Jobs with dignity and living wages, where workers have the democratic right to organize and share the wealth produced by their labor.
  • A robust public sectorthat works for the common good, funded through progressive taxes and accountable to the people.
  • Equal opportunity and equal justice for people who have been marginalized in our society based on gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, and social class.
  • Sustainability and equity, where individuals do not accumulate excesses of wealth to the detriment of others or the planet. 

We each have our own principals that help guide us down the path of justice. We shared ours. Take from them, add to them or use your own. But when you vote next week, let those principals be your compass.  With these principals, we are on the path to justice. 

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