Standing with Voter Advocates in DC

United for a Fair Economy joined groups including Power on the Line and Alabama Arise last Wednesday, October 5, to hear the initial arguments at the Supreme Court on an Alabama redistricting case that will have a profound impact on minority voting rights across the nation.

The Black voter community in Alabama has filed a claim challenging Alabam’s congressional map established in 2021 for breaching the Voting Rights Act, which forbids racially discriminatory voting methods, in the case now known as Merrill v. Milligan.

The Supreme Court must uphold and affirm the Voting Rights Act because it remains imperative to democracy. We are standing in solidarity with Albamians and asking the State Legislature to redraw the maps and include two congressional districts to allow Alabama’s nearly 1.5 million Black residents a voice in Congress.

United for a Fair Economy was there to stand up for voting rights and equitable representation. Some members of our staff took it a step further and developed healing spaces for people that attended the rally. Wages and Workers’ Rights Organizer Raul Jimenez and Operations Manager Tomas Aguilar facilitated these supportive services. We were grateful to be able to offer a safe place for reflection, connection, and healing. It was special to see people engaging with our healing spaces and connecting with other people in the rally.

Be sure to check out this link for more information and updates on this campaign!


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We gather as guests on Indigenous land

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