Statement on Recent Verdict

We are disgusted at the lack of justice in the recent jury decision that found Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty of homicide or recklessly endangering the safety of others, but we have also heard the circular, racist arguments given by white supremacists attempting to justify their actions too many times to be shocked. 

Even though Rittenhouse drove from another state with an assault rifle to infiltrate a peaceful protest where people were practicing their first amendment right to call for greater racial equality, the now 18-year-old white teenager was acquitted on all charges.

Rittenhouse killed two white men: Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber; a reminder that anyone is expendable to white supremacy’s preservation, and that we all have a role in dismantling it. We need more people to challenge white supremacy.

The obvious lack of justice for the victims of this case holds consequences for the racial justice movement in the US more broadly. We have seen violence against people and communities of color increase in the past few years, and this unjust ruling has set a terrible precedent, emboldening other white supremacists who wish to incite violence or inflict harm. Structural inequality means the systems we have in place to protect people—courts, police, etc— are not applied to people of color in the same way they are for white people. This travesty emerged from a system of injustice designed to protect whiteness. This decision is rooted in systemic racism. We will keep fighting because Black Lives Matter.






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