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    Southern Women Workers School

    Women workers from across the South and Appalachia will be meeting to share worker organizing stories from the past and the present, learn from other movements, build our leadership and organizing skills, and have a great time!

    United for a Fair Economy has been collaborating with United Methodist Women for many years, serving on panels, facilitating workshops/retreats, and designing curriculum.  At the Southern Women Workers School, UFE's popular education staff will present a workshop based upon this collaborative work, and our own proven curriculum.

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    UFE's Director Facilitates Greenroot's Staff Retreat

    Our amazing Executive Director, Jeannette Huezo, recently facilitated a staff retreat for Greenroots, Inc. Greenroots is a environmental justice organization that works primarily in low-income immigrant communities in Chelsea, East Boston, and the greater Boston area.

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    Workshops with Boston Youth-Serving Environmental Groups

    We recently facilitated a “Closing the Racial Wealth Divide” workshop for the summer staff of three youth-serving environmental organizations: Youth Conservation Corps, Groundworks Somerville, and Hyde Park Green Team.

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    First “North Carolina Needs Unions” Town Hall Held in Durham, NC

    This is the first post in our new series highlighting work being done in the South. Folks down here have been fighting hard, reclaiming the word “y’all” one campaign at a time. We aim to highlight and share their efforts with you.


    "On Thursday, June 14, 2018, workers, community organizers, current union members and candidates for state and federal office met together in Durham to discuss the need to make it easier for workers to join together in strong unions...."

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    Stories of the South: A New Blog Series

    Announcing New Blog Series: “Stories of the South”

    All over North Carolina and in other parts of the southern U.S., workers, activists, and organizers are teaming up to take down the nastiest anti-worker legislation, standing up to big corporations, and fighting for their rights, fairness, and dignity. The South has always faced unique challenges when it comes to organizing for a fair economy that works for all, but we’ve never given up.

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    Highlander 2018 Training of Trainers

    How do we build a strong and lasting movement to address economic and racial inequality? This intensive training of trainers will explore the role of popular education in movement building and share tools that educators, organizers and activists can use with their communities to analyze the roots of our current crisis, heal themselves and others, and take action for profound change. (Note: this training was previously titled “Healing the Racial Wealth Divide”)

    **Registration open now!

    October 25, 2018 at 6pm - October 28, 2018 at 1pm
    Highlander Research and Education Center
    1959 Highlander Way
    New Market, TN 37820
    United States
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    "Healing the Racial Wealth Divide" UFE's own Training of Trainers

    The training lasted 4 days.  It was a gathering of souls committed to economic justice and beyond.

    One participant said this about the training: "This experience allowed individuals who are out there, working very hard for social justice, to come to a space to find healing.  And not just individual healing, but collaborative and collective healing.  I think that is very important, I think we need that more."

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    Raising Wages NC visits General Assembly for Lobby Day - Report

    On May 22nd, Raising Wages NC hosted a lobby day to raise our state's minimum wage.

    The raising wages lobby day brought business owners and workers from across the state to Raleigh to talk to legislators about the need to raise the wage. Together they called for representatives to put North Carolina on the path to $15 an hour for all workers. Thanks to the efforts of organizers, faith leaders, advocates, and allies, over 300 people attended the lobby day.

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    "Overworked and Undervalued" - Workshop at the United Methodist Women's 2018 Conference

    Eight-thousand Methodist women leaders from around the country attended the United Methodist Women's national assembly.  There, UFE Popular Educator Riahl O'Malley co-facilitated the workshop, "Overworked and Undervalued: Gender, Race and the Economy," with our incredible executive director, Jeannette Huezo.

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    Livestream with Alianza Americas

    One week after US #TaxDay, the executive directors of Alianza Americas and United for a Fair Economy teamed up for a Facebook Live chat in Spanish.  They discussed who is paying taxes, how they're being spent, and what we can all do to hold our elected officials accountable to responsibly spending our hard-earned money.

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