Worker Stories Video #4 Released

We hope you’ve been enjoying the videos in our worker story series, “Below the Line: Stories from Low Wage Workers in the South.” Today’s episode features Juan Carlos, an NC farmworker organizing for justice on the job with his coworkers.

He shares, "A fair economy is one where the products that farmworkers and artisans produce are valued fairly. If you produce something… you should be paid what was truly invested, and the profit should be proportional, but that hasn't been achieved.”


These videos are a good reminder to take notice of the labor that goes into making life possible, whether ordering a package or eating lunch. Educating ourselves and recognizing the value of this work, advocating for the dignity it deserves, and uplifting the voices and rights of all low wage workers is an essential part of working toward a more fair economy. With rising costs and no federal minimum wage increase in over a decade, low wage workers cannot keep up in the current economy.

Please take a moment to watch the video.

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