We are excited to share
a new video series.

Featuring and uplifting the voices of low-wage workers in North Carolina and the broader South.


Watch the 1st video:

The first worker you’ll meet is Roberto, a Christmas tree farmer from Mexico. As he explains, “The current salary is no longer comparable to the bills.” Watch now to gain important insight into workers’ experiences with our economy and the need to raise wages across the South!


Watch the 2nd video:

In this video, Fermín, a tobacco worker in North Carolina, explains the difficulties associated with agricultural labor, and tobacco farming in particular. He states, “Here in North Carolina tobacco is the hardest work there is.”


Watch the 3rd video:

In this third episode we hear from Marino, a farm worker in North Carolina. He tells us, “If all types of work here in the United States received a fair wage, we would all benefit.”


Why video stories?

The power of storytelling has long been recognized as an effective tool for social change. Stories can give individuals and groups a new understanding, and help shape the dialogue around and mobilize support for a social or political issue. Stories have the power to challenge and change the narrative.

By hearing and uplifting the stories of those most impacted, we can all work to change them!


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Our vision of a fair economy is simple: one that values humanity, fairness, equality and dignity over the gross accumulation of wealth. Please join us in sharing and uplifting the voices, rights and needs of low-wage workers across the South.

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