Thomas Bonnes

  • commented on Trickle-Down Economics: Four Reasons Why It Just Doesn't Work 2016-11-02 09:31:44 -0400
    Corporations don’t hire more people because they have more money they hire more people when there is a demand for them. If you have a demand for lets say 100 of something and say realistically to make them in time 1 person can make 5, a business is not going to hire more than 20 workers just because it has more money left over after overhead costs and taxes. Demand creates jobs, new technology’s and infrastructure. Here’s where trickle down hurts the economy. The average earner of 250k or greater per year spends just 15-35% of their yearly wages. The average middle and lower class family spends 100-110% of their annual income. When money is mobile the economy is good and it is more mobile in the hands of the middle and lower class than the wealthy.


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