The Growing Divide: Updated Infographic

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80 Ways to Make your Presentation More Effective

There are so many ways to turn your "audience" into active participants. We know from experience that learners are more likely to understand, retain, and apply knowledge if they are engaging their heads, hearts, and hands.

If we want people to take action in groups to end inequality we can't afford to use the same top-down learning methods over and over again. We want people to leave feeling that they have the solution and the means to implement it. Then again, if you're reading this you probably knew that... [CONTINUE READING]

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Tax Scams and Inequality

Part of the  State of the Dream 2019: The Perfect Storm  report.


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The Boosts and Blocks of Building Wealth Infographic

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Preemption Laws in Memphis


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2 Principles of Tax Fairness

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Tax Wealth Like Work


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Why Housing Matters


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Deconstructing the Self-Made Myth


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