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    Just made a donation to United for a Fair Economy

    Support Now to Receive a Report by Mail!

    Make a contribution through the form on this page to receive a copy of the State of the Dream 2019 report by mail.  The suggested amount is at least $8 per copy, which covers the cost to print and mail.


    When natural disasters strike, weather systems and unjust economic systems compound to cause devastation for people of color, in particular, while generating economic opportunity for the wealthy few.

    State of the Dream 2019: The Perfect Storm explores how race and economic injustice are connected to natural disaster resilience and recovery. It features reflections from leaders and advocates that are fighting inequalities everyday, and contains a short, accessible infographic on tax cuts and inequality.



    • When can I expect the report in the mail?
      We usually mail reports within a few days of receiving a contribution. If you don't receive your copy, or it was damaged in the mail, please contact UFE's 2019 report coordinator (contact info below).
    • Can I request multiple copies? How?
      Yes, you can do this in two ways: (1) By re-submitting the form on this page for each additional copy you're requesting. (2) By contacting UFE's 2019 report coordinator (contact info below); either before or after you submit the form.
    • Can I request a copy without making a contribution?
      While our supply lasts, we are able to make copies available at no cost. Please contact UFE's 2019 report coordinator (contact info below) to inquire.

    If you have any questions or comments, please contact United for a Fair Economy's 2019 report coordinator Richard Lindayen at [email protected]


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    Check out United for a Fair Economy. I just joined.

Campus Programs Manager with @BetterFuturePro since 2015. Fossil fuel divestment and climate justice organizer. Hometown in Modesto, CA.


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