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  • Concio Education
    commented 2016-03-27 17:16:20 -0400
    The twin of racial injustice is economic injustice and can only be resolved by persistent advocacy and radical political reform. Black lives matter is raising awareness. But, it is not enough to state the truth. You have to fight, tirelessly, for change, for the future. This means engaging politically to get the right balance in Senate, Congress along with a progressive President. Political apathy can have no place in the lives of black/non-white people. Advocates must work with communities and actively fight to create possibilities for black, brown youth and elect those who will stand with them in this cause. Black/non-white communities must protest against school closures, mass imprisonment, and lack of decent jobs. They must protest against those who support these economic and social injustices. Our voices must be heard. Solutions must be proposed.


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