Bringing UFE’s Inclusive Economy Toolkit to the Fight for a Higher Minimum Wage

“UFE’s insights into strategy and connections to a wide variety of partners has helped to dramatically advance our goals on behalf of low-wage workers.”

—Debbie Goldstein, Executive VP, Center for Responsible Lending

UFE is excited to partner with diverse organizations across the U.S. working to create a more fair and inclusive economy. “The Center for Responsible Lending has worked with UFE for the past two years as part of a coalition to raise wages in North Carolina. Throughout the process, UFE has played a critical role,” reflected Debbie Goldstein, the Executive VP of the Center for Responsible Lending.

Goldstein also spoke about the success they’ve had with the popular education and leadership models used and taught by UFE: “UFE has consistently put the role of race and class forward in our discussions of strategy and policy, and has emphasized the leadership of people of color and women in the coalition. They have regularly gone above and beyond to ensure every partner has a voice at the table, with special attention to putting people of color and women at the center of leadership.”

Thank you to all of UFE’s diverse partners and supporters. Together, we are bringing UFE’s inclusive economy toolkit to the fight for a higher minimum wage!


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