Bush Tax Cuts: What We're Up Against

Letting the portion of the Bush tax cuts that benefit the top tax brackets expire was a key part of candidate Obama's platform in the 2008 Presidential election. It was one of the key differences between his proposals and the proposals of John McCain.

President Obama has been in office for more than a year and a half, and the time has come for Congress to act on his signature tax proposal. But now, a powerful lobbying campaign is underway to sway the debate and hand out new tax breaks to top earners.

The same leaders that pushed through the Bush tax cuts - with their lopsided benefits for the rich - in the first place are mobilizing the same people to make the same arguments now to keep them in place. They were wrong ten years ago when the first of the Bush tax cuts was passed. Our disastrous economy proves that. And they are wrong now.

They have a powerful lobby and plenty of funding, but we're here organizing to make sure that candidate Obama's pledge is upheld. The Bush tax cuts for the wealthy have been draining our economy for ten years too long already. It's time to end them now.

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