Celebrating Jeannette's 21 Years at UFE!

United for a Fair Economy is a much different organization today than when our executive director, Jeannette Huezo, first started 21 years ago today!

Jeannette is a very special leader. She’s not the type of person to spend a lot of time in the spotlight, but rather the rare kind of leader capable of building spaces where everyone feels empowered to share it. Unlike many directors, Jeannette works right alongside staff and in the community each day to build a more fair economy.

When asked why she loves leading UFE, Jeannette shared, "It is a real honor to work for this organization. For the last 7 years leading UFE, we've been transforming the organization to one that lives and practices the values that it preaches. I’m not a traditional executive director. UFE has given me the opportunity to be myself and continue working with the communities that I care about and am a part of, facilitating spaces of dialogue and critical thinking. I think that makes a big difference, that I’m not just a traditional manager. Nothing would be possible without the talent and commitment and the experience of the staff. I have been building a family and not a workplace, and you can see that.”

With Jeannette’s revolutionary vision, her unbreakable commitment, and her skillful leadership, United for a Fair Economy is changing for the better. Jeannette believes in centering our people and has implemented a shortened 32 hour work week (alongside other policies), because the communities for whom we work deserve the best of us.

Originally from El Salvador, Jeannette came to the US in 1989 and has spent her life working for justice and social change. Since she took over as director in 2015, UFE has opened a second office in North Carolina, providing a home that grounds our commitment to improving the economic and political landscape in southern states. Learn more about UFE’s journey and the work we are doing on our website!

Please join us in congratulating and celebrating Jeannette Huezo on her 21 year anniversary at UFE!





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