Generative Conflict - A Follow Up Training

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Thankful for this wonderful group of people who joined us at the Avila Center! Our team uses popular education and healing for liberation methodologies to co-create spaces of growth and community with participants at our trainings. This is our second retreat with this cohort. We said we would bring them out for a follow-up session in the Fall; and we kept that promise!

Nearly everyone from our first training was able to make it back for what felt like a family reunion.

Our Director of Cultural Organizing, Eroc, shared this statement, “Hope, purpose, and perseverance. For those who turn defeats into defiance, resistance, love and lessons. Here I had the privilege of lead facilitating over 30 beautiful humans on generative conflict & transformative justice, using popular education, healing for liberation and language justice. Grateful to be a part of the UFE team.”

Healing justice means addressing systemic trauma by building generative healing processes, both new and ancestral. This weekend we are hosting a follow up training with a group that we worked with earlier this year. This session will focus on generative conflict and healing justice.

Most of our staff from both Boston and North Carolina are in Durham co-creating the space. Jeannette Huezo, UFE’s Executive Director and senior popular educator, is facilitating the training this weekend.

Eroc also had this to share: “Grateful to be out in Durham, NC, preparing to welcome and facilitate over 25 people for the next few days. This is our second gathering together as a cohort. We will focus on generative conflict, using healing for liberation, transformative justice & popular education practices. Proud to be a member of the United for a Fair Economy team. Sending love out feel free to send some our way. Bless up!”

If you want to cohost something with us, or bring us to work with your group, please contact us.




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We gather as guests on Indigenous land

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