UFE's Director Facilitates Greenroot's Staff Retreat

Our amazing Executive Director, Jeannette Huezo, recently facilitated a staff retreat for Greenroots, Inc. Greenroots is a environmental justice organization that works primarily in low-income immigrant communities in Chelsea, East Boston, and the greater Boston area.

We met with Greenroots staff to determine the goals for their upcoming staff retreat and to develop an agenda that would help them meet these goals. Among the values discussed were the importance of building a stronger team, strategic power-mapping, and setting a clear vision for their work ahead. We trained staff members on how Greenroots, Inc. might apply these tools in their context of working with youth for sustainability, public health, and environmental justice.

Greenroots came to us for support and left with an organizational work plan and new inspiration. We are very excited to have contributed to their important and ongoing environmental justice efforts.

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