State of the Dream 2007: Voting Blue, Staying in the Red

Voting Blue, Staying in the Red explores the impact of the new Democratically controlled Congress.

Although it is encouraging to see that Blacks and Latinos disproportionately benefit from the minimum wage increases and college loan interest rate reductions contained in the 100-hour plan, it is discouraging to learn the reason why. Our analysis shows that it is only because they are disproportionately over-represented among those working at or below poverty level and among those with few assets and resources to pay for college. In the case of prescription drugs and alternatives to oil, the changes may benefit whites more than people of color. It is evident that the 100-hour agenda does not address the economic race gap. So, while the number of Blacks and Latinos assisted is positive, the impact of the assistance will not change the relative economic inequities among the races. African-Americans, the Democrats’ most loyal supporters, should expect more in hour 101 and beyond. Read the full report here.

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