Fight Back for a Strong Estate Tax

Call Congress TodayConservative groups are spending tons of money to pressure Senators to further weaken the estate tax.  They want a lower tax rate of only 35%, a huge exemption of $10 million per couple, AND an unlimited exemption for farms! We need to fight back! Whether Congress votes on the tax cuts before or after the November election, Congress needs to hear your voice now.
President Obama proposed continuing the 2009 estate tax with a large $3.5 million exemption per spouse and a tax rate of 45% on amounts above that.  UFE would like to see a stronger estate tax, but so far Congress is not considering that.
Call your two Senators and Representative now at 800-830-5738. Leave a short message stating your support for the estate tax with the front desk.  To be even more effective, then ask for their tax staff person.  (You can look up your Senators and Representative here, then click on the Staff tab to find the name of the tax staffer.)

Tell them:
  • My name is (your name) and I’m a constituent from (your city). I’m calling to support a strong estate tax. I’d like the Senator to push for higher estate tax rates for multi-millionaires and billionaires, and vote against unlimited deductions for farms.
  • I also urge the Senator to extend tax cuts for middle class families ONLY. Instead of more tax breaks for the wealthy, Congress should use that money to put Americans back to work, invest in our kids and pay down our debt.
  • Where does the Senator stand on the estate tax and the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy?
Add a personal statement about who you are and why you oppose cutting the estate tax, such as, “I am a small business person, and it is a myth that the estate tax hurts small businesses,” or “I am wealthy and will pay the estate tax, and I believe it’s an important part of our progressive tax system.”  Leave a full message and your number if you do not reach the staffperson.
Let us know how your call went by sending an email to [email protected]. Tell us the name of your legislators and the staffers you spoke with, and what they told you.
Thank you for taking action!
Lee Farris
617-423-2148 ext 133
Federal Tax Action Coordinator
United for a Fair Economy

Photo h/t John Gronberg

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