Help fight Inequality with new “Pocket-Political Education” Training

We’re at an unmistakable crossroads. The richest 1% owns nearly 40% of the wealth in the United States. People from diverse political and social backgrounds are asking, what will it take to create a broad solution to rising inequality?

The economic crisis in the U.S. caused by the corporate elite continues, and it targets communities of color, women, and other oppressed communities.


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  • The median black family owns just ten cents for every dollar of wealth owned by white families.
  • Women make up three-quarters of the low-wage workforce.
  • 36% of low-wage workers are women of color.

In response to rising inequality more and more people are joining together in popular movements, like Occupy, Black Lives Matter, and #MeToo. UFE joins all those fighting against the growing wealth divide in the U.S. That’s why we’re excited to announce our new resource, “Pocket Political Education”: a tool that can help anyone become a movement builder and leader in the fight against economic, racial, and gender inequality!

At the heart of UFE’s work is the core belief that developing the capacity of working people to act as organizers and facilitators in their own communities is crucial to centering the voices of those most affected and successfully advocating for broad-scale social change. UFE’s trainings and resources aim to help everyday people become popular educators and bring conversations about inequality into their workplace and communities in meaningful ways. As our National Education Director Riahl O’Malley writes, “Our work as labor educators involves facilitating dialogue so working people can share their experience, analyze why things are the way they are, and take strategic action for profound change.”

How to Use the “Stacked Deck”:
The Pocket Political Education tool is a portable deck of cards we’ve created for organizers, educators, and community members. Each individual card in the “Stacked Deck” contains a single activity. These activities address various topics such as the history of migration to the United States and the growing divide in wealth and income. One side of the card outlines the step-by-step instructions a facilitator needs to lead the activity. The other side of the card contains helpful notes and talking points the facilitator can use to contribute to the dialogue. These pocket-sized cards can be used singularly as educational tools on-the-spot or even used to design an entire two-hour workshop. The “Stacked Deck” resource is also adaptable and can be used in diverse spaces to help move people and groups to action.

Over the past 24 years, United for a Fair Economy has learned a lot about how to use popular education to teach about economic inequality. Our new Pocket Political Education resource facilitates interactive dialogue by helping working people connect the dots between economic, racial, and gender inequality. We hope this new tool inspires people across many movements to facilitate dialogue on race, gender, and the economy at their workplace or in their community. And with a stronger sense of the roots of inequality, we hope that even more people will take action to build a stronger movement for a fair economy.

Join us in this experiment! If you also believe that popular education is a critical component of social change, visit us at and download your very own copy.

Try it out and let us know how it goes! The gap continues to grow… Let’s build a movement strong enough to shrink the gap and demand an economy that works for everyone!


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