Hyatt Hotels Needs A New Slogan

How would you feel if...

  • Your employer refused to provide tools that would allow you to do your job with fewer risks for injury;
  • Your employer consistently failed to address workplace safety violations, and even fought legislation to protect you and your co-workers;

You'd probably feel cheated, burned, disregarded as a human being, right? Well, many are facing this unfortunate reality, and they need your support.

UNITE HERE, has reached out to UFE and other allies in the economic justice movement because Hyatt Hotels Corporation is bullying workers across the country for the sake of profit, and they can't take them on alone.

Here's one Hyatt worker's story:

My name is Cathy Youngblood, and I am a housekeeper at the Hyatt Andaz in West Hollywood. Today I am joining thousands of other Hyatt workers on strike across the United States.

I believe in hard work, but living in pain is a different story. I have to take medication regularly because my wrists and shoulders hurt from having to lift 100-pound mattresses over and over again every day as I change the bedding. Other Hyatt housekeepers have been permanently injured by the grueling work we do.

Not far from my hotel in West Hollywood, at the Hyatt in Long Beach, California, workers have no union. Conditions there are even worse. My sisters are required to clean twice as many rooms in one eight-hour shift, leaving them just 15 minutes for each room. That's 15 minutes to change bedding, scrub the bathroom, dust, vacuum, empty the trash, and change linens, among other things. It's no surprise that women are getting hurt.

Today, I strike—not just for myself or for a fair contract at my hotel—but for our right to stand up to Hyatt wherever they are abusing housekeepers.

We know we can't take on a global giant like Hyatt alone.

We hope you'll join Hyatt workers and UNITE HERE on the frontline of what is truly a fight for all workers' rights.

Even if you can't join a picket line, there are three things you can do:

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