Keep Colorado Prosperous! Vote NO on 60, 61 & 101

COLORADO VOTERS: Please VOTE NO on 3 Dangerous Ballot Initiatives – 60, 61, & 101!
Anti-government extremists qualified 3 dangerous measures for Colorado’s ballot this November. These measures would produce severe job loss and financial chaos in Colorado. All counties, all school districts, all municipalities would feel the pain of a $4.2 billion loss of revenue.
Please review the information below so you can make an informed decision to vote "NO" on 60, 61 and 101. Visit for more detailed information about the 3 ballot initiatives.
Colorado needs this now more than ever. This is your chance to help protect your state's public structures and services – from which all Colorado residents benefit.
Vote "NO" on 60, 61 and 101!
Karen Kraut
United for a Fair Economy
More About Amendments 60 & 61 and Proposition 101
Amendment 60
  • Would cut over $1 BILLION of local funding for public schools by cutting local property taxes in HALF! The state would be required to replace the lost revenue, but because it doesn’t have the funds, it would have to cut all others state services (e.g., health care, higher education, human services, and public safety) by 60%!
  • Would create a new tax on water districts, utilities, and colleges. In order to pay for this new tax, these public service will have to dramatically increase their fees for service – your water bill, electricity bill and college tuition will go up!
Amendment 61
  • Would effectively halt construction in Colorado by prohibiting the state from borrowing and severely restricting local government borrowing.
Borrowing money responsibly and paying it back over time enables businesses, families, and governments to invest in the future. By choking Colorado’s ability to borrow in any form, Amendment 61 would stifle Colorado’s ability to build and maintain what is needed to be a thriving and successful state – like schools, roads, hospitals, college buildings, prisons, water and sewer systems, and light rail.
Proposition 101 
  • Would drastically cut specific state and local taxes and fees, thereby eliminating $2 billion for Colorado’s schools, roads, bridges, and other critical needs.

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