Keep Pressure Up for a Strong Estate Tax

Conservatives in Congress say they are worried about small businesses and farms, so they want to repeal the estate tax at a cost of $700 billion over 10 years, or slash it at a cost of $383 billion. The same officials say they are worried about the deficit, but they want to spend another $700 billion to extend the Bush income tax cuts for the wealthy.It’s outrageous!

Call your two Senators and Representative now, toll-free, at 800-830-5738.

Tell them your name, your city/town of residence, and say:

  1. We don’t need more tax cuts for millionaires. We need a strong estate tax. I’d like the Senator to push for higher estate tax rates for multi-millionaires and billionaires, and vote against unlimited deductions for farms.

  2. I’d also like the Senator to end the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy.

  3. Congress should invest that money in programs that will put Americans back to work, create opportunities for our children and pay down our debt.

  4. Ask: Where does the Senator stand on the estate tax and the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy?

Add a personal statement about who you are and why you oppose cutting the estate tax, such as, “I am a small business person, and it is a myth that the estate tax hurts small businesses,” or “I am wealthy and will gladly pay the estate tax, because I believe it’s an important part of a fair tax system.”  

Your calls are important. They make more of a difference than emails, because Congressional offices count the calls.

Let us know how your three calls went by sending an email to [email protected]. Tell us the name of your legislators, and what the staffers told you.

And, about that small business myth -- UFE just held a national press teleconference with four American business owners who strongly support the estate tax. Check out our press release for more. Watch an interview with one of our speakers below!

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