Keithlee Spangler

I'm a Quaker and bread baker living in Washington, DC. In the District, I work with a small team of community members on a collaborative and cross-sectional research project exploring the impact and reach of national-facing organizations in the local communities they're rooted in. I also serve as an accountability check to our broader organization, ensuring that our research and reports are ethical and centering the communities they're working with. This often involves asking questions - 'is this accessible?' 'what assumptions are you making?' 'why is the leadership team 95% white' 'how are you working to distribute and engage power at all levels?' - and making folks answer them. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to join other leaders and facilitators at the Highlander this Fall to strengthen the accountability work I do within the Think Tank and also out in the field. Centering our conversations and trainings on the racial wealth gap, immigration, economic security, and language justice will deeply inform the work I'm doing in DC.

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to join other folks at the Highlander Center this fall to talk liberation economics!
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GOAL: $500.00


184 High St., Suite 603,
Boston, MA 02110
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