Leah Field


617-997-1901, [email protected]

Proactively pivoting from the for-profit sector, Leah Field is excited to put her background in financial and operational management to work for UFE.

Leah began her career at BioMimetic Systems, a cutting edge biotech firm where she managed the company’s yearly budget, day-to-day finances, and all phases of post-award contracting with governmental agencies and universities, including enforcing clause adherence, financial tracking and audits, and milestone and closeout reporting. Leah then worked for the Boston-based management consulting firm ATLANTIC-ACM where she managed the finance and human resources departments. During her six years at the firm, she created operational systems to improve every area of activity, from business development to project design to year-end employee evaluation.

Leah brings a passion for consensus building and increasing organizational awareness among employees to all of her endeavors. She believes that clients are best served by a healthy organization, a state achieved through ongoing goal assessment, feedback, and evaluation.


184 High St., Suite 603
Boston, MA 02110
(617) 423-2148


711 Mason Road
Durham, NC 27712

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