New Hampshire Estate Tax Action Alert

Dear NH supporter of United for a Fair Economy,

New Hampshire faces a clear choice between a budget with revenue from progressive taxes paid by the very wealthy, OR revenue from gambling. It’s time to let your lawmakers know what you want.

The NH Senate budget fills the deficit with revenue from gambling and a suspension of a business tax credit. The NH House budget contains a new capital gains tax and an estate tax on estates larger than $2 million – both taxes would be paid primarily by very wealthy people. Now the final version of the budget will be decided in a House-Senate conference committee, followed by a vote in the House and Senate. The legislature has to pass a final budget by the end of June.

UFE believes progressive taxation – people paying taxes based on their ability to pay – is fundamental to a fair society, a healthy economy, and true democracy. Your Senator, Representative and Governor Lynch need to hear from you that paying for the budget in a fair way is something you care about. When the legislature is making major funding cuts in needed social programs because of budget deficits, the estate tax can help your state meet its obligations to those who have nowhere else to turn.

Please call and email your legislators now; phone calls are more effective. For additional information regarding the NH estate tax, see former NH State Representative, Michael Marsh’s, NH Estate Tax Fact Sheet.


Click here to find contact information for your Senator and Representative, or call (603) 271-2111 to be connected to your Senator.

Send your message to the entire House of Representatives at either of the following addresses:

To contact Governor Lynch, click here or call (603) 271-2121.

Write a letter to your local newspaper. If your letter gets published, send a copy to your legislators and to UFE.

Forward this email to friends, family and colleagues in NH who may want to take action.

After taking action, let me know what you find out by sending me an email at [email protected].

Thanks for taking action to promote a fair economy,

Lee Farris
Estate Tax Policy Coordinator
United for a Fair Economy
617-423-2148 x133
[email protected]

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