Responsible Wealth Member Bill Creighton on The Rick Smith Show (audio)

The Rick Smith Show

Listen to Bill Creighton on The Rick Smith Show.

Highlights from the interview:

Creighton: "We're the folks that the Bush Tax Cuts were designed to tax burden has progressively gone down, since, well actually, since Reagan."

Smith: "So let's say we jump back up to just the Reagan tax cut, which was the top marginal rate at about 50%, would your lifestyle completely change, or would you not even notice it?

Creighton: "It wouldn't affect me a bit.  If I were paying what I should have been paying, I would still have enough.

What's ludicrous is that I can go out and swing a sledge hammer and pay 33, 34, 35% for swinging a sledge hammer, or I can sit on my duff and watch my [invested] money grow and pay what actually works out to less than 15%.  It's crazy... [Our country] rewards sitting back and doing nothing if you have enough...We penalize work by comparison for what we do for not working.

A bunch of us have signed a pledge which says that we are giving back the tax cuts we've received from Bush.  There is a tax calculator on where individuals can go...and the calculator will show you what your Bush 'tax gift' was...we have pledged to give that money back to fix this tax code."


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