Responsible Wealth's “Tax Billionaires Now!” Mobilization Call

UFE’s Responsible Wealth program held a virtual “Tax Billionaires Now!” training on June 9.

Over 100 wealthy individuals registered for the event. We had 18 top-notch speakers over an informative and engaging 3-hour agenda! The event was facilitated by UFE’s Responsible Wealth Project Director, Mike Lapham. After a welcome by former RW member US Rep. Bill Foster (D-IL), panelists explored in-depth what’s in the three Billionaires Income Tax (BIT) proposals: the Wyden proposal, President Biden’s proposal, and the Babies over Billionaires proposal. Participants also heard from Sen. Wyden and Rep. Susan Wild, and heard from partner organizations about simple ways to help make a Billionaire’s Income Tax a reality.

If you were not able to join us for the event but would like to learn more about this work, please contact Mike Lapham at [email protected].

Many thanks to Responsible Wealth’s partner organizations – Americans for Tax Fairness, Voices for Progress, Smart Revenue Working Group, Patriotic Millionaires and Resource Generation who helped make this event possible.

If you attended, thank you! We appreciate you using your surprising voice to say, “Tax the Wealthy!”


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We gather as guests on Indigenous land

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