Save Oregon's Estate Tax!

Tax Fairness Oregon, a member of UFE's Tax Fairness Organizing Collaborative, needs your help today. They need 600+ signatures of Oregon voters to place a statement of opposition to Kevin Mannix’s effort to repeal the Oregon estate tax in the November voters' pamphlet.

Signatures from you and others in your community will help Tax Fairness Oregon get the following statement placed at no cost so they can use those resources for other important work:

Millionaires can pay taxes — Vote "NO" on Measure 84

  • Only the 730 richest Oregon families would benefit from Measure 84.
    • Vote "NO" on MEASURE 84
  • Millionaires would pay as little as $0 tax if Measure 84 passes.
    • Vote "NO" on MEASURE 84

Millionaires too can pay their fair share of taxes. 

Vote "NO" on Measure 84.

(Signed by more than 600 friends of Tax Fairness Oregon)

Click here to download a petition form (pdf). Print the forms and carefully follow the enclosed instructions.

Please aim to fill two sheets with gathered signatures or just send in your very own signature. All gatherers and signers must be registered Oregon voters.

Don't forget to sign and date the bottom of the signature sheet before mailing the form to:

Tax Fairness Oregon
c/o 4619 SE 44th Ave
Portland, OR 97206


Phone: 503-788-5347
(SE 44th just south of Holgate Blvd.)

Petitions must be submitted in Salem by 5:00 p.m. next Tuesday, August 14. You are also welcome to personally deliver your signature sheets to the address above by noon on Tuesday.

Oregon's estate tax has been in place for 109 years without hurting Oregon businesses and family farms. It is a fair and sensible policy that provides the state with revenue for schools, infrastructure, and other shared priorities. And, it has the added benefit of helping to combat economic inequality. Learn more about Measure 84 >>

Oregon can't afford to give special tax breaks to those who don't need them, especially during this moment of economic hardship. 

Please vote "NO" on Measure 84 on November 6.

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