Our current economy and government is not set up to support the health and well-being of all people. This reality is starkly reflected in the disproportionate fallout from COVID-19, which while affecting us all, impacts some of us more than others because of systemic inequality and structural racism. However, if you have more than you need right now, we encourage you to join the #ShareMyCheck campaign and pledge to redistribute your checks in solidarity with those hit hardest.

Join us, and pledge to give some or all of your check to an organization or effort supporting those most impacted and/or left behind (for example: the undocumented community, people experiencing homelessness, and people in prison).

Here’s how you can join this effort:

  1. Use this calculator to determine what your likely stimulus check will be. If you do not expect to receive a stimulus check because of a high income, please consider pledging anyway.
  2. Use the form below to register your pledge.
  3. Give to the organization of your choosing to support those most impacted by the crisis (if you live in Massachusetts, consider donating to the Mass Redistribution Fund, which will be supporting many grassroots organizations UFE partners with. If you live elsewhere, see here for places to give.).

UFE is continuing to support movements working for policy change and economic transformation and we believe our work is needed now more than ever. Please consider giving part of your check to United for a Fair Economy to support long term movement building work to create a just and fair economy.


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