Sunday's AP News Story & Responsible Wealth

If you read Sunday's Associated Press (AP) story, "Super rich see federal taxes drop dramatically," you may be left with the false impression that United for a Fair Economy (UFE) is a network of wealthy individuals who support higher taxes on themselves. Well, that's close, but not exactly right. UFE is a cross-class organization with supporters of all financial means who understand that concentrated wealth and power undermine the economy, corrupt democracy, deepen the racial divide, and tear communities apart. We have several program areas where we seek to advance progressive policies and support movements for long-term change.

The AP story was referencing a member of UFE's Responsible Wealth project. Responsible Wealth is a network of 700 business leaders, high-wealth, and high-income individuals who understand that inequality is bad for everyone, including themselves. Through the Responsible Wealth project, high-wealth individuals work to reign in CEO pay through shareholder activism, advocate for progressive tax policies at a national level, and work in cross-class alliances with state groups working to advance progressive policies at a state level.

In addition to the Responsible Wealth network, other projects of UFE include our Popular Economics Education initiative that provides tools for grassroots groups seeking to better understand the forces behind economic inequality, the Racial Wealth Divide project that explores the intersections of race and economic inequality, the Tax Fairness Organizing Collaborative supporting 28 state groups working on progressive tax policies at a state level, and our federal tax advocacy deeply engaged in preserving a strong estate tax, rolling back the Bush tax cuts for top income-earners, and ending the special tax breaks for income earned from wealth.

If this sounds good to you:

Note: The later versions of this Associated Press story included a corrected reference to both the Responsible Wealth project and UFE.

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