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Donate here and receive a copy of our State of the Dream 2020 report, now available in print! The suggested amount is $20 a copy.


Despite increased participation in the economy, women and gender non-conforming people still experience greater economic and gender-based injustice than men. We recognize that a truly fair economy cannot exist without working to end all forms of oppression that exacerbate economic inequality.

Our State of the Dream 2020 report explores why economic justice is not possible without racial and gender justice, and calls for intentional intersectionality in our movement building work.


  • When can I expect the report?
    The report will be printed in September and will be mailed once available. If you have questions contact UFE's report coordinator (info below).
  • Can I request a larger set of copies?
    Yes, by contacting UFE's report coordinator (info below).
  • Can I request a copy without making a contribution?
    We have free copies available while supplies last. Please contact UFE's report coordinator (info below) to inquire.

Questions or comments? Please contact report coordinator Richard Lindayen at [email protected]


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