Take Action Now for a Fair Super Committee Deal

Democrats on the Super Committee have already offered $400 billion in cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, even though Republicans still refuse to raise taxes on the wealthy. In fact, they want even more tax cuts for the wealthiest households.

A bad deal is worse than no deal at all. Your senators need to hear that you want a deal that will serve our country as a whole, not just the rich.

Please call your two Senators right now at 888-907-1485. Tell them:

  1. At least half of the total deficit reduction package should come from increased revenues that would improve tax fairness by increasing taxes on wealthy people and corporations.
  2. At least half of any spending cuts should be made by reducing unnecessary military expenditures.
  3. There should be no cuts that impact beneficiaries of key social programs (such as Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, education, and other programs that help middle- and low-income families).
  4. Any proposal that does not meet these principles should be rejected.


If you'd like to learn more before you call, register for today's update on the Super-Committee with Senator Al Franken. This 20-minute educational phone/web event begins at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon (Wednesday, November 16) and is hosted by our friends at the Coalition for Human Needs. 

This call will provide you with an overview of ongoing Super Committee negotiations, which includes disastrous plans to further reduce tax rates for millionaires, while slashing Medicaid and other essential programs and raising the Medicare eligibility age to 67. None of this does has to happen. Register now to learn more.

If you can’t join the call with Sen. Franken, check out this helpful summary of the Super-Committee proposals.


Hundreds of individuals from 47 states signed our open letter to the Super-Committee. Yesterday, we issued a press release noting that over 100 high-wealth and upper-income people were among our signers. We're actively working to publicize this effort with several members and supporters of Responsible Wealth. The letter is being hand-delivered to Congress today.

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