UFE Reaches Across the Northern Border

A year ago, UFE traversed the northern border of the US to Ottawa, Ontario for a visit with the largest public workers union in Canada, the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC). We were invited by PSAC’s National Education Program Officer, Victoria Gibb-Carsley, who once participated in a UFE Training of Trainers Institute.

Victoria found UFE's use of popular education methodology to be highly effective, and decided it was just what PSAC needed in developing a new leadership training program. Today, PSAC's program is acclaimed as one of the most comprehensive and powerful in Canada's labor movement.

This week, Victoria shared with us the most recent outcome of our collaboration–a project that highlights the lasting impacts of UFE's work to raise awareness of economic inequality, and exemplifies the proliferative nature of a clear call for justice.

At our workshop in Ottawa last year, I shared a short video, produced by UFE volunteer, Matt Chana, called the "BBs of Wealth," which provides an illustration of wealth inequality in the US. The concept of our "BBs" video resonated strongly with the folks at PSAC, and inspired them to produce one of their own to share with their membership and use in their trainings.

PSAC's final product, “Pennies of Prosperity,” is a chilling representation of the vast Canadian wealth divide. Their video is another entry in the toolbox of educational materials that tells the story of inequality. And, it will undoubtedly galvanize many more people to become engaged in efforts for progressive social change.

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