Worker Stories Video #2 Released

For months, we’ve been building deep relationships with farmworkers and organizers across North Carolina. Today we are excited to share more about this work with you with the release of the 2nd video in our “Below the Line: Stories from Low Wage Workers in the South” series!

In the second video we hear from Fermín, a migrant agricultural worker who explains the difficulties of tobacco farming in North Carolina. He explains, “Here in North Carolina, tobacco is the hardest work there is… And if you don’t perform, what do they do? They replace you. They easily forget about you.”

This hard work is often done by H-2A migrant farmworkers, who are in a precarious position, since their right to stay in the country is tied to their employer, and they have little or few legal protections on the job.

We’ve been working with the Raising Wages NC coalition to raise wages and improve economic conditions for working people in North Carolina for years. This new video series builds on years of minimum wage organizing work, and aims to increase support for raising wages by uplifting the stories of low wage workers across the South.

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