The Color of Wealth Infographic

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UFE is excited to share our latest resource, “The Color of Wealth” infographic! 

In 2006, UFE collaborated with leading experts on the racial wealth divide to write The Color of Wealth, a book bringing to light the impact of racial discrimination and colonization in the U.S. economy. This year, we are celebrating the 15th anniversary of this groundbreaking book with a new infographic highlighting some of the book’s main points, how our economy has changed since its publication, and how far we still have to go. 

This new infographic aims to increase our understanding of the roots of racial economic inequality and of the harm caused by racist policies implemented throughout the history of the United States. Much attention has been paid to disparities in income, but wealth is even more important. Unequal access to wealth building —historic and current— compounds over generations. For a privileged few, government policies have provided boosts to wealth building, but people of color have been systematically denied the ability to build and keep their wealth. Since the original book was published, the racial wealth gap has only grown wider. 

In the words of our Director, Jeannette Huezo, “If the rules, laws and policies in the U.S. were made by people, they can be changed for people as well.” At UFE, we pride ourselves on making economics accessible. We encourage you to use this tool to hold conversations with your friends and in your communities. If you would like to learn more about our popular education method or sign up to attend one of our trainings, please use our contact form.


Design, Illustration, and Editing by Sarah Jacqz
Sarah is an independent contractor. Interested in working with her? Email her at [email protected]; or visit her online at

Research, Design, and Writing by the United for a Fair Economy team (Richard Lindayen, Jeannette Huezo, Sara Sargent, David Dixon, Morgan Cowie-Haskell, Eroc Arroyo-Montano, and Mike Lapham).

Project Concept and Coordination by Richard Lindayen, UFE’s Director of Communications


Income Section:

  • Indigenous uninsurance rate (2019):
    • Source: Kaiser Family Foundation. “Key Facts about the Uninsured Population” (2019).
    • Note: Here “Indigenous people” refers to American Indian/Alaska Native in US Census Bureau datasets.
  • Households whose savings would run out in 3 months (2018):
    • Source: Analysis of Survey of Income & Program Participation in “Key Findings from 2019 Prosperity Now Scorecard.”
    • Note: Based on the chart “liquid asset poor households by race in 2018” (insufficient savings to get by at the poverty level for 3 months).
  • Median household income by race (2018):
    • Source: U.S. Census Bureau. Current Population Survey, 1968 to 2018 Annual Social and Economic Supplements.
  • Transgender people of color unemployment rate:
    • Source: National Center for Transgender Equality. “2015 U.S. Transgender Survey Report.”

Wealth Section:

  • Share of household wealth in US:
    • Source: Gabriel Zucman in the Annual Review of Economics. “Global Wealth Inequality” (2016).
  • Household median net worth by race (2019):
    • Source: Federal Reserve. Survey of Consumer Finances (2019).
  • Median wealth single women and single men:
    • Source: Closing the Women’s Wealth Gap initiative. “Closing the Women’s Wealth Gap” (2013).
  • The racial wealth gap has grown over the last 30 years:
    • Source: Institute for Policy Studies. “Dreams Deferred” (2019).

"How we Got Here" Section:

  • Note: Adapted from the full-length version, “Government Boosts and Blocks to Wealth Building Timeline,” an original work by United for a Fair Economy.

"Principles for a Fair Economy" Section:

  • Note: Inspired by the original “Color of Wealth” book.




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